Payment options

For customers convenience and time saving we accept the following payment methods


  • Sign up online or download mobile apps and create a Bitcoin wallet with  Circle or Coinbase etc buy weed online with bitcoins. 

  • Go to your account settings and add payment method (Credit/Debit card, Bank Account, PayPal)

  • Convert your checkout amount to bitcoins, then send bitcoins to the wallet address You’ll get after you submit your order on the website.

  • Notify us via email with a visible picture or screenshot of the transaction page once the transaction is complete.

How to use bitcoins to buy Hemp

How to buy hemp online with bitcoins Payment?

  • Assuming you have already created a Bitcoin wallet, you have already buy Bitcoin (or already traded Bitcoin to USD, Pounds, Euro). You must know exactly your Bitcoin wallet address.
  • But that address has nothing to do with shopping online using Bitcoin. All you need is to use the BTC address of your transaction, and fund BTC to the BTC wallet address given by the merchant (online store).


You want to buy 1 ounce of weed and it cost $320. $320 may converted to Bitcoin it’ll be 0.02 BTC

You must pay 0.02 BTC using the BTC wallet address you’ll receive via email after submitting your order.

  • After you transferred 0.02BTC to the BTC wallet address gave to you by the online store, you must confirm it. Shopping using Bitcoin payment might be confusing for first time user. But it can be convenient and the easiest form of payment and can be done from your phone or online.

Western Union,MoneyGram

Western Union- With western union payment, you can either do the payment cash at any western union location or you do it online at Western Union using your credit/debit/prepaid card
*MoneyGram- Moneygram payment can also be done cash at an agent location or online at MoneyGram using either your credit /debit card/ Walmart money card

 Request Info for a wire transfer

We’ll send you an email with the required information to do a wire transfer with which so ever service you choose

Bank Transfers

Bank Transfers are available from orders above $1500 Usd. Bank details for transfer will be sent to you once you have selected Bank transfer Option